Stunning Women Hairdo for the new year party 2017. The best ideas for your party hairstyle for the last event of the year.

With the new year approaching. Are you between search for gifts and queues in most shops? More than once we stopped to think what about the look that will look delightful in the end of the year. And if there is something that is a challenge year after year, without a doubt, are the hairdos for short hair and long.

Who has not thought of  pick-up or a few waves to Veronica Lake and, at the end, has finished with the hair half dry, and this is no joke one? For this reason, we have compiled the best hairstyles for the new year 2017 that you can do by following a few simple steps that will make you shine tonight.

new years eve party hairstyles

Hairstyle 1

If your hair is long stylized ponytail to three fingers above the nape of the neck. To get it you only have to pick up the hair back and secure it with a rubber band. A trick to get a natural finish and chic is to avoid polishing the ponytail with the brush. The most recommended is to work the hair naturally so as not to lose neither volume nor texture. In addition, you can use a rubber band transparent to secure the ponytail and wrap with a lock of hair. After you pass a fork through the rubber and you are ready to attend any event.

Hairstyle 2: Bun bohemian

Another hairdo for long hair very fashionable and that you can always get in a hurry, is the bun. To give a more bohemian touch. Do not worry if the braid does not come out perfect, the key of these picked up is to get the look of effortless chic. Once secured the braid, enrol around the rubber that holds the pigtail and put forks along the ribbon to secure it.

Hairstyle 3: the Collected romantic

This hairstyle will take you less than five minutes to make and requires a pretty headband with elastic rubber. Personally I recommend a glass or shiny on the front and a color that stands out with your hair. To carry it out, in the first place, we should place the headband in position, leaving the rubber above the hair as if it were a hat. Then divide the hair in two sections. With the braids secured, we began to roll upwards to, finally, place them inside the rubber by pressing it-. Although this styling can be done with long hair, those who wear a cut above the shoulders will be able to skip the braids and go directly to cover the rubber with his hair.