Looking for a Timless Modern short hairstyle for women winter 2016 2017. Look at the ideas we propose.

Short and professional coloring Cup Professional Sheer

The style of the 90s has invaded the catwalks and fashion shows in 2016. the era of the Spice Girls big and pants multi pockets is back in our closets and the head …!

Women Cup short inspired by the 90’s and the gothic

If you have decided to opt for a blonde discoloration, gray or blue, please see a professional before. There are a number of teeth whitening products aggressive best to avoid. Educate yourself before you make your choice. Discolor blonde hair, gray or light blue, which is in vogue and original.

Modern woman idea of blonde hair coloring


For curly hair, it seems that all the cuts are great!


This type of hair usually has a lot of volume and short cuts it suits them very well. If you have the hair very big, curly, short haircut is ideal in the summer

Curls shortcut is ideal for the hair women modern and trendy

attractive cut semi-short and always trendy coloration in 2017


Last year and this year also, the strip has also made a comeback. Can be achieved even with very short hair. Not going to be all well on all types of face. If you have a round face instead, go for a fringe, short for a square face, the strip looks pretty long. For a long face, it is recommended that any of the sides is long. If your face is oval, you’re out of luck. This is the face shape that all of us can afford.

The singer Rihanna with a cute short cut trend woman of the idea trends


In fact, throughout the history, the hairstyles were a piece of seduction. Hair well groomed, taken care of and always maintained were seen as an obligation of the elegance and good education.

Women with short hair, and curly all have an cute curly air

 hair short tend idea

Curly, straight, short or semi-synthesis, all hair deserves the best care. Even those who prefer a sloppy appearance and is not curved in shape, it is necessary to be careful. The hair is important

Cup Short Women trend inspired by the pop icon Pixie

Also what are the big trends for 2017, similar to 2016: short haircuts, square with or without fringes. You can also play with the colors. It is important to choose a natural coloration of the hair and nourishing. Have a beautiful hair means having well-cared-for hair …

The styling was always a bit of seduction also the hairstyle for longer hair.