Swag haircut or Pixie hairdo for curly hair is the question in this winter season 2017. Some ideas what is the best solution for your new hairstyle for short haircut 2017 or long updos.

Pixie curly cut

The more daring who are seeking a radical change can go for a pixie cut. This retro style looks great in curly hair, and has become the favorite of the famous in the past few years. Mostly for the bold newest trends for short hairstyles. The pixie helps to highlight the curls from the top of the head, especially the bangs, and it gives more personality to the look.

It is also a good alternative for women who have the hair very short and they are leaving to grow. This haircut as it is a practical and easy to style, simply use a finalizer, as mousse, gel or cream for styling and agitating the hair. This style has been used by celebrities, such as Alicia Keys.

Style Swag

This is another option to the manes, wavy and curly, which comes with force, the wicks must go wavy, below the shoulder. Among more tousled look of the hair better. This cut looks good with any shape of face, and the recommendation is that you use a them that fits you well.

Some celebrities who have used the court are Lea Michele, Sienna Miller, Felicity Jones and model Suki Waterhouse. So ideal for this cut stand out is texture the wicks so that they look crowded, and for that you can use mousse, cream and styling spray texturizador.

This cut looks very natural and helps to highlight the curls, which can look well-defined if you invest in a special line of products for curly hair, such as shampoo, conditioner, cream for styling and moisturizing treatment. Beyonce and Shakira frequently use this style.