If I say braid hairstyle, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Answer: Rapunzel? Or Pippi Longstocking. Or Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prairie. Examples that we find in our hearts, but not edifying in terms of charm and femininity.

The good thing is that, compared to our indelible childhood memories, the most classic of hair twist is constantly changing. The noble Assyrian wore it long curly tresses, in feudal times the women adorned with strands of pearls and precious stones (though, it must be said, in the same period was also used to shave the eyebrows and the hairline to make it look the forehead …). Without forgetting the passage through the rigour of the French Revolution and, much later, the excesses of the economic boom.

The Evolution of The Braid

The braid has so much changed. But, ironically, he has always maintained a simple soul of three wires made with long hair. It has become evocative of a time as a place, rising to iconic “accessory” for hair. Judging from the latest Red Carpet, the braid today brings rolled up, fixed, turned, disheveled, twisted. In short haircuts, as a real hairdo.


It is the fundamental, the examination preparatory University. Realized by dividing the lengths into three sections and alternating the overlap of the outer ones of the central one. It has a low coefficient of difficulty and you can realise how many times you want: the two with a central line to Pippi Longstocking to the Mini African Braids of the beautiful Zoe Kravitz. For complete beginner, you made the braid of hair not too clean so they do not “slip through”.



It is thus realized: make a queue with a transparent elastic and divide it into two sections. Take a lock of one of the two and bring it towards the center. Do the same on the other side and repeats to the ends (you will find a video  down here). To get even better messy effect loved by the stars, spread out the braid gently.

Watch the video on How to Do a Fishtail Braid:


french braid

It is one of the most popular because it offers countless alternatives for results always directed and along trend. To achieve it matches the roots and take a first step as to achieve a classic braid. At this point though, every time you pass by the center incorporated some external strand so that the braid is increasingly tight hairline. The most difficult version: the one that starts from the front and comes – Central – to the ends.

How to do it Video:


upsidedown french braid

The technique is the same used for the French, but in this case the interlacing part from the neck and up towards the front. If you want to achieve this by themselves hairstyle, put upside down and your hair as you work you are used to doing. Because the hairstyle is impact very well tighten the locks so that the embroidery is always visible.

Video Upside down French Braid Ponytail:


dutch braid

Even here we are talking of an alternative version of the French Braid. The difference is that the strands, instead of passing one above the other, are woven under. In this way there is a braid that is drawn on hanging perfectly. It is ideal if you want to achieve a slightly punk style (see January Jones) or allure flygirl like Kim Kardashian and the small North West.

How to Dutch Braid Video:

Milkmaid BRAID

milk maid braid

The easiest and fastest way to achieve this hairstyle is to create two tails, make a classic braid to the side and then bring it to the opposite ear to aim it with hairpins. You can realize, for a wow greater effect, also creating two french braids that run from one side of the head as to form a band.

Watch the Video:

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