What are the best new hairstyle look at the Mohawks trends for women hairdos 2017.
Well, Mohawks are no longer just for punks and rock stars. Mohawks are available for all over the world and can be found from wedding-cool-for-Mohawks nervous female.

Today the appearance is in the main stream and most of us love about all braided Mohawks. In reality, there are styles Mohawk that seems too complicated, but everybody can obtain them. While the choice of one of these haircuts should take into account the length of your hair. I advise you to go through our article and see the most seductive braided Mohawk Hairstyle for 2017. Look also at the short hairdo for women 2017.

braided Mohawk hairstyles for 2017


To get this hairstyle the locks of gold have been formed in a long Bob and given a glossy finish wavy they arose. A small portion of hair from the front to the crown has been separated and turned into a braid slightly raised which ends in a small turn of the screw in the back. This gives the appearance of a touch Mohawk, and makes the style super feminine. Also super femminine latest ideas for long hair.


Half braided Mohawk 2017


This half long and half super short haircut mixed hairstyle for 2017

Bridal Mohawk braid

You can see that Mohawks do not have to be extreme. All the world imagine Mohawks too bulky and a little crazy. Well, in general, the hairstyles of the living room keep the attention on the volume in the rear. However hairstyles Mohawk like this to balance the volume more than the half of the head. Here the hair has been braided freely then it gives a style of Mohawk look and then twisted neatly in a bun at the nape of the neck.

mohawk wedding for women 2017


If you are someone who is looking for something crazy then you must consider this faux Mohawk style. Here precious pink and purple hair were collected and sectioned before being carved in a ponytail thick. This type of style shows the color bright and condition the hair.


Casual Mohawk Style

In this image it starts the process of combing in the crown and continues in the nape of the neck where it has been secured in a ponytail. The braid has been loosened to have a look thick and full, while the front section has a lot of loose hair that make it informal and a great style for romantic dates. I really love this style, because with the exception of being very fashion that helps to keep the hair out of the face.


elegant Updo

to replicate this aspect it is necessary to use two different techniques. Here the threads have been divided into three sections the middle section has been agitated in a braid voluminous that extends from the forehead to the nape of the neck.


Crazy hairstyle