Latest Haircuts bob for women 2017. Trends of bob hairstyle and haircuts that are perfect for any occasion. Gives equal in what season we are, whether in spring or summer of 2017. In today’s article we are going to teach bob hair cuts that are more fashionable and how take them.


Bob haircuts are fresh with a very refined air. The bob hairstyle is a court classic that is has maintained along the time and never has suffered setbacks in the world of the beauty. Always being in the crest of the fashion. Even there are famous celebrites who made this type of bob hairstyle their identify that fully full fill them. As it is the case with the famous Anna Wintour. The cutting of bob hair is ideal for the spring and the summer, since is very versatile and also very comfortable. It can give you much more movement of the body. Although it may also be seasons like autumn winter to rule it. Remember that it is a cut that never goes out of style.


The bob haircut can take various lengths, can go from very short haircut bob (that is above the ears), short (which the court below the ears) and a half (that the Court is at the height of the neck or the shoulders). The bob haircut is very versatile and will attract many looks.

It may interest you:

Long haircuts

assimettric-red-short-hairstyleIf you’re looking for a juvenile court committed by the bob cut, since it has many long to choose by what can be attach perfectly to the factions. The bob is a popular cut for those who have fine hair, because to take it more short than usual, a greater effect of volume can bring to all hair. But also is a court chosen by those that have the curly hair. Bob style should go soaring to define the hair and make it look much more natural and more orderly. Long hairstyle for women.

To complete the look,  you can dye your hair, make a few strands or cut or leave longer bangs. For the haircut bob is much the bangs, either straight or bent side way. If you want to give it a more modern touch you can play with the geometrical contrasts, leaving short strands and other much longer.


The color of hair also can help to provide something of brightness and create contrasts of tones. With these technics you are going to get the feeling of greater volume. Another form of playing with this bob hairstyle is it’s to add tiaras, crowns, buckles,…

Also if you take the long bob you can get a queue and even braids. For party nights includes a headband that glitters or a rhinestone buckle. Ties are also a good way to decorate your bob style. And for a wedding you can bet on a bob smooth or curl, with a Crown of flowers. You’ll be fabulous!

Short hairstyles


For those that you like to look at the the celeb you can see the looks of Rihana, Katie Holmes, Emma Watson, among many others. They are fans of this type of bob hairstyle and have taken him on more than one occasion in events of great importance. The latest Short hairstyles in this season.