Dye your hair for Halloween? Hairdos are a very important part of many costumes.  To have the latest hairstyle that are stunning. Though a common concern is whether you can wash the paint when you finish the night. Although you can make your own dye washable you can take off after a certain period of time. Many experts in hair recommend going to a salon for the job for a professional.

Green and Aquamarine in this Halloween hairstyle

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Make your color at home

Blonde Halloween hairstyle

With a cup of lemon juice and three cups of chamomile tea mixed into a gallon of water can be a mixture that will dye your hair blonde. Slather this in your hair streaming over it about 15 times or so and then try it. Then sit in the sun for an hour while it dries and continues with a good conditioners. This should be done for a few weeks before Halloween to get a better effect. In the following days after Halloween using rinses of apple cider and distilled water. This will help you regain your natural color, although the process may take as long as a week. Used this recipe at your own risk.

Red Halloween hairstyle

If you want to dye your hair red for a short period of time before and after Halloween, you can make a homemade mixture to it. Mix half a cup of beetroot juice and half a cup of carrot juice to put in your hair about 15 times more or less to dye your hair. Then sit down for an hour in the sun and let it dry before removing it with a good conditioner. It may take a week or two so that the color is set and can be removed with the same mixture of apple cider and distilled water that is used to remove the color blond.

Dye of brown Halloween hairstyle

To dye your hair brown you can make a blend with black tea or strong coffee dark, let it cool and then spray it on your hair daily for a week more or less. Once you’ve done this, drain your hair and let it dry in the sun to fix the color. Then wash with a good conditioner and let your hair dry in the sun for the color to set. The same mixture of apple cider and distilled water can be used to remove the color from your hair, but as we said above: use it under your own risk, pus, it may be that the color will last for several days after Halloween.

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