Hairstyles for women – tricks to hide big ears . Would you like to learn to disguise large or protruding ears? In this article we will show you various hairstyles and tricks so you can achieve it.

Not all were lucky enough to be born with a pair of ears small and unobtrusive. It is more! There are more people with protruding ears than it seems. What happens is that they do hide very well. To create this article I had to collect multiple images. In this serch I’ve noticed that there are many celebrities with this problem. They conceal it as well with tips and hairstyles that had never noticed if not for this.

The trick to hide the ears with stickers

First you want to show as it is making many famous to hide their ears without resorting to cosmetic surgery. There are some stickers so to speak which serve to attach the ear to head and these look less prominent. These stickers not are something that them can use all the time, but if that served at the time of carrying a hairstyle collected, for a party, wedding, etc. For any occasion where you want to assist and hide very well this so you complex.



Hairstyles to hideĀ ears

Celebrity hairstyles suitable for girls with big ears are those who manage to hide them. Let’s review:



In the first picture we see as not helps Kate Hudson in anything. This hairstyle with hair drawn back. What you should do is a hairstyle like the second photo. Uses hairstyles more loose let fall some Tufts at the sides of your face. This will help hide the ears very well.


With pigtails is exactly the same. It is a hairstyles that you can continue using it if you modify it a little. Instead of doing it with all the collected hair. Drop a few strands on the sides, if you give it to these Wicks a little wave with an iron, it’s even better hairstyle.The ears hide very well as you can see in the photo.


With hair loose if the hidden with a little technique will not be equally prominent with the tied hair. Look at the image: we can see Jennifer Garner has found the return to your hairstyle. Wear the hair loose but with movement is ideally. You should divide the hair at the sides evenly over your ears, and the bangs should merge with the rest of the hair. A good idea when it comes to renew your look, is that you download the picture on your mobile. Then show it to your Hairstylist so you understand which is the haircut you want to achieve.


Again the same error, tight pigtail. But not only that also emphasize even more the ears if we add some earrings that draw attention, this is the opposite to what we want to achieve is to hide them.

The collected relaxed and loose hairstyles that are dropped hair are ideal, you can see it in the second image.


Let the long fringe, so if you comb it sideways you can perfectly cover the ears. A thinning fringe but short in the middle and along the sides also can be of great help.

Another hairstyle that serves to disguise and hide the ears is the semi-up or half queue but always remember should be relaxed by dropping locks, and if possible with soft waves much better.

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