latest hairstyles for long hair – women hairdos

Get inspired with these easy ideas of the latest hairstyles for long hair – woman hairdos for a stunning look. How to experiment with longer hair with braids and accessories.

Hot new looks for woman long hairThe most popular haircuts for women with longer hair. Discover the latest trends for fall winter 2016 2017 to have a gorgeous style always.

We will show you the colour trends, stylish hairdos that are best for your length.

2017 New Year’s party hairstyle with accessories

2017 New Year’s party hairstyle for long hair. Perfect accessories for hair updos 2017 The New Year’s party is the perfect occasion to create different hairstyles depending on the style and taste of every woman. Whether you celebrate on the beach, at...
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Swag haircut or Pixie hairdo for curly hair – the best

Swag haircut or Pixie hairdo for curly hair is the question in this winter season 2017. Some ideas what is the best solution for your new hairstyle for short haircut 2017 or long updos. Pixie curly cut The more daring who are seeking a radical change can go for...
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Triangle hairstyle trend for curly hair in the 2017

Latest new Triangle hairstyle trend for curly hair in the 2017 Recently, the triangle hairstyles has become a trend, this style helps to highlight the curls in a natural way. The Morrison cut is only suitable for those who have curly hair, you must go over or just...
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Haircuts Long bob messy or polished 2017 trends favorites

Long bob messy or polished The cut long bob, that was one of the favorites in 2016, will continue to be a strong tendency in 2017 Those who follow trends know that the long bob is the cut most popular of the moment, as it looks modern and elegant. In addition, it...
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Women Haridos for Gala This Is Crazy!

Women Haridos for Gala This Is Crazy! The Gala is the party of the year, and most importantly the red carpet of the fashion industry. The theme this year was “Manus X-Machina: Fashion in the age of technology”, see what hairstyles celebrities chose to interpret...
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Looking for cute long hairstyles and haircuts for woman?This is the right place! Longer hair gives you so many styling options.

Gorgeous serious length is the key to most stunning celebrity cuts and styles.

Desire for something new? It is time for a hairdo with side line. Discover together the most beautiful ideas for autumn winter 20162017. The lateral line is widely used because it basically serves to create the Tufts. A great must for all long hairstyles for women of this cold season, but is also good whether you have short or medium, to be more chic.

So take a look below to see some of today’s hottest hairstyles and haircuts for women with long hair.


For the cold season you can copy the hairstyle with long hair and massive clump due to low side line of Blake Lively.

Don’t miss the fantastic celebrity with the hottest trends straight from HOLLYWOOD.

kim kardashian


Hey, beautiful! Want to know what are the latest and the most chic trends in colors and new cuts that always look so perfect in a 2016 . always tries to capture new ideas to give you a new perspective. So many brilliant ideas for your own style with a new look of your long hair.

Willing to change haircuts and hairdos frequently” is practically a daily job for celebrities, right?

How to get longer hair in minutes like real. Check this extensions easy and fasto to use



kylie jenner longer style blonde

Or the latest selfie of Kylie Jenner on Instagram with an glacial style.


3 simple woman hairdos for longer hair

In this video tutorial shows you how to make simple hairdo. They are for those who have long hair or hair of medium length. With a simple hair creating a classic chignon torchon. This hairstyle is achievable in few minutes. Quick, easy to do hairstyle, suitable for those with long hair and smooth.

Try doing these hairstyles for long hair even you at home. Start with a friend if you are not confident at the beginning.
Follow us because soon we’ll talk and we’ll see some new tutorials of braids. Pigtails in recent times increasingly depopulated on social and new invention like the braid above, behind, side, herringbone, etc.

Fast and easy hairstyle for long hair – top knot tutorial

In today’s, quick and easy, step-by-step, instructional hair tutorial video MakeupWearablesHairstyles channel on youtube.
In it you can learn how to make a big, high bun. This high bun is also known as top knots, top knot, a fan bun, or a chignon. So call it as you like.
Bun hairstyles are a popular in the teenager hairstyle. It can be worn as an fantastic of your everyday look for school. For the elegant and more serious occasion like the prom is also suitable. Also is appropriate for homecoming, graduation, or a wedding.

5 MINUTE tutorial for long Hairstyles on a wedding

Hair tutorial for long hairstyle: how to do a quick & easy 5 minutes elegant hairdo perfect for weddings. One elegant bun hairstyle for everyday at work , homecoming, wedding, prom, school. This cute updo perfect for longer or medium hair.

Elegant low mantenicene, messy bun hairstyles can be done on straight.  The curly or layered hair are better for busy mornings for school or work.
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5 most intriguing Bangs hairstyle aside for the 2016

5 most intriguing Bangs aside for the 2016 Style Bangs to the side Bangs aside are placed diagonally through the forhead and usually adapt to any shape of face. However, the maintenance of side-swept bangs is a must. It is important to cut the bangs every two to four...

5 original Bun hairstyles innovative and for women of all ages

5 original Bun hairstyles innovative and for women of all ages. Bun Hairstyles for long hair cute and amazing for the Woman. Buns have been popular for centuries, so the time has come for you to try one. If you are lost and don’t know where to start, we will...

Mohawks trends for women hairdos 2017

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18 easy ideas of hairstyles for short hair to be more beautiful

18 easy ideas of hairstyles for short hair to be more beautiful  Each time more women encourage you to use the short hair. But let’s be honest, it is not for any face, this kind of haircut and this is very related to times. It all depends on the hairstyle that...

Best Hairdos Workout for women with trend

Best Hairdos Workout for women It’s time to return to the gym and routine, and all it costs us this step. However, with the new fashions for the workout , and with the hairstyles that we are going to propose, they would probably cost less to begin your training...

Women Hairdo for the new year party 2017

Stunning Women Hairdo for the new year party 2017. The best ideas for your party hairstyle for the last event of the year. With the new year approaching. Are you between search for gifts and queues in most shops? More than once we stopped to think what about the look...

Timless Modern short hairstyle for women winter 2017

Looking for a Timless Modern short hairstyle for women winter 2016 2017. Look at the ideas we propose. Short and professional coloring Cup Professional Sheer The style of the 90s has invaded the catwalks and fashion shows in 2016. the era of the Spice Girls big and...

10 Modern Short hairdos and haircuts trends for women winter 2017

Modern Ideas for Short hairdos and haircuts trends for women winter 2017 The short hairstyle the symbol of the revolt, short haircuts has had a long history, to finally find his place in the halls of hairstyles for women. A woman with long hair and well-maintained is...

The best Haircuts long hair or short in 2017 What To Choose?

The best Haircuts for long hair or short 2017 are already here. Although a few years ago, every time I thought cutting the hair was a whole ordeal, that ended. Now it seems that the short hair has been installed among the best fashion and the most comfortable. Again...

Hair grows about 15 centimeters each year. This is not the most important information. What is more important is the fact that hair stay healthy, bright and of the same size. To not burst frequently or drop into a problem of balding, which is terrible.

How to have long hair implies that you should care in the best way of it. To not leti it deteriorate and keep free from falling.

Tips for having a hair long:

For the achievement of this objective you can take yeast of beer and massaging the leather scalp with it. Some minutes during the time in that you are bathing. The yeast of beer offers vitality and strength, which will make that will keep free of falls.

  1. Home remedy for longer hair

Rosemary oil is another element of great importance as to maintain long hair. Is mixed two tablespoons of oil of romero with two tablespoons of oil of olives. Then we heat the mixture. After well heating this mixture is left to rest for two or three days. This home remedy can be used every time you shampoo.

2. Washing hair with mid water or cold

One of the necessary care to help the growth of hair is to avoid baths with hot water, which opens the pores of capillary fibers.

3.High intake of protein for longer hair for women

To get the power have long hair rich in protein intake. Must be right that a high percentage of the hair is composed of protein. The protein is found in the meat, the chicken and the fish, the milk and it eggs.

For people that not eat meat, the proteins is found in them lentils, soy, and other legumes. One of the vitamins that should be consumed is the B complex . This depending on if you have stress. Causes of the fall of the hair and prevents the results as having long hair can be.

Precautions for longer hairstyle

The precautions are also part of as having long hair

If you have the desire to have a long hair then it is best to use water to climate for the daily bath. As the pores of capillary fibers open as a consequence of the bath with hot water will make hair fall more frequently.
One of the most important precautions is to take care. Not to let that hair comes into contact with things that can cause damage.

Dying your hair too often and straighten it every day ,should not be done if you want to have a healthy hair. The shining and good size in length depends also on it.

Like having hair long is a daily task, especially when so many things that can affect the health of it.  On the other hand there are that must things that needs to be done daily. One is to take vitamins that strengthen the scalp and give vitality to the hair. Depending on which vitamin create health and defenses.

As to have a long and beautiful hair. Good work.

Why we like longer hairstyles

Long haircuts are used by women who like how they look with long hair. In many cases we do have a new look without much cutting.The straight hairstyle with bangs are perfect for those women who also have round face giving them an image of strength and health to our hairstyle. The straight and with asymmetric bangs  is a court that defines very well the contour of your face.  Others points? That is easy of make, and very useful at the time of braiding it. The length of hair define elegance.  Cutting it transmits sensuality and rebellion in the woman.

Also with so many types of hairstyles for each time, the possibilities are infinite. The hairstyle elegant that offers distinction at the time. Present is meetings of the work or parties at night that seas invited. With a collected casual simple hairstyle and elegant that looks perfect on you. You can twist it a little of side. You will give the tone glamorous that you want.  To finally curl.

Long hair with bangs can also make a cute haircut for women.


elegant long hairstyle


Cut your hair to the height of your ears has become a fashion in the past two years. Many people carry this haircut since it allows easier modern hairstyles and without having to pay for the stylists. Similarly long and loose hair also has become a fad in hairstyles modern trend for night parties.  Also the curly and wavy hairstyles and hairstyle that never happened in fashion they are what they do with French braiding.

easy updos for long hair

Once you tests short hair and very rare comfort then to have once again to have long hair its not easy. So finding the ideal hairstyle is not an easy task and all will depend on the type of face that we have. Since the shape, size and color of skin can be improved to look more beautiful.


For this reason I was looking for what are the best easy updos for long hair and I was quite surprised. What i found? I found more variations than I knew.

You have a loose look is a wonderful thing if the texture is right. As the way to join freedom style that we want to look natural with our hair updos.

That will not be the same if you have either straight or wavy or Chinese hair.

Do you have to know all the hair updos that exist for your long hair?


If your answer is affirmative then you should continue reading this article that I did. I investigated for many months because to find them. In this article you will achieve through different photos and images find the ultimate solution. Ideas for your best hair updos which is your best for the shape of your face.

The first thing you have to note is to seek easy hairstyles for women. When you have little time to make long hair with bangs to be beautiful is maybe not always easy and fast. We want cute and elegant long updos without wasting much time.

easy updo hairstyles


Then another important point within the look that you want to take to change and transform to cute or elegant long updos are the different hair cuts. Having long hair does not mean that you should not cut it and give it shape.

This is another very common mistake that women make to think that having long your hair does not need maintenance by the hairdresser.

Long braid

long braid

Long braid the most recommended when you’re young, or want to give a youthful appearance. All depends on the personality you have. Therefore there is also another factor that you must observe, if your never used a braid. Now don’t just appear with one in your head because surely you will feel very uncomfortable.

Something that you must define is if this change you are looking for is because you want to find hairstyles for party or an event that you’ll soon have as it can be an important birthday, wedding, business work or any kind of night out parties.

As if what you are looking for are the hairstyles for girls. Look at your daughter. If she is search for her personality in the mirror and you want to find the hairstyle most beautiful. According to the characteristics of her hair that may be dry, fatty, thick, thin, etc…

Before that braids I also recommend hairdo designs that very simple and fast to do. When we don’t have much time to take a hair dryer or a brush to give shape to our hair.

Always have to bear in mind that to have healthy hair you must apply certain precautions but not just once but as a way of life.
Add this routine for example use natural masks for hair.

Or when I recommend that you use argan oil for profit that has all its properties to the hair. It makes it more strong, shiny and silky when it comes to styling.  This is something very important that you need if you want to implement these easy updo hairstyles.