How to give shine to dark hair: 6 tips that will increase your brightness
Know 6 tips to keep the black hair always shiny and healthy

Know 6 tips to keep the black hair always shiny and healthy
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The black hair has bigger problems related to the opacity, however, when it is bright and healthy steals all eyes, whether you use natural or that the wicks are stained. The dark tone, despite being controversial to some women, is so intense that you can give a lot of luminosity by reflecting the sun. To maintain the color is always amazing, learn to give glitter to the wicks by adding the right habits to your routine capillary.

1. Black hair needs more care when exposing it to the sun

The hair products with sunscreen help protect any hair colour, especially the one that is black. This is due to the sun that can leave streaks dark reddish brown, when they are unprotected. In addition to that, the hair is naturally black it tends to dry out with exposure to sunlight. The advice to avoid this is to use a leave-in with UV filter before you leave the house and apply it in the means and ends of the hair. This will increase your brightness for black hair

2. Performed baths of brightness every 15 days

The dark color is usually more easy to maintain, unlike the blond and the redhead, that need touch-ups more frequently. However, to avoid the appearance of dry and dull, the council is to opt for baths of brightness every 15 days. This technique can be done at home with a dye that is going to wrap the surface of the mane and who is going to renew the glow of the wicks. Another way to make the bathroom shine on the black hair, is a hair mask with dark, which contains pigments to keep the color more intense.

3. Decreases the frequency of the use of the devices that hurt your hair

For the women with the black hair that often use the iron. the hair dryer and curling iron, should seek to apply a thermal protector before moving the appliances, to keep their wicks black, beautiful and healthy. Because, as well as the sun, high temperatures can dry out the strands, leaving them brittle and with the double tips.

4. Use shampoo and conditioner for black hair or dyed

Those who wear a black dye in the wicks should use a shampoo and a conditioner special for that color of hair, or at least, for color-treated hair. Another tip is to try to invest in products with keratin and collagen, ingredients that help give movement and softness to the wicks.

5. The wetting is a treatment that gives more gloss to the wicks

The wetting is a success among the obsessed with the care of the hair, as it gives them more shine and softness to your wicks. The technique is similar to a hydration, only that instead of investing in creams and masks are made with oils capillaries that are applied throughout the hair, from the root to the tips.

For those who have hair naturally black, as for those who have dyed, the moisture is very pleasant, as the oils capillaries act for a period of time in the hair and give more shine to black hair. The advice to not leave the hair looking greasy is to remove all the product with cold water.

6. Wash hair always with warm or cold water

The best advice and the most practical for those who have the black hair is wash it with cold water or warm. As the hot water stimulates the excess fat in the scalp, in addition that leaves the cuticles open and exposed to external factors, such as wind and pollution. While the cold water will seal the tips, in addition to balancing the fat of the hair and increase the brightness of the wicks.


This are  6 tips to keep the black hair always shiny and healthy.