How to curl hair without heat best practice
One of the main factors that damage and spoil the hair is the heat. Wavy hair and curly located in the diffuser and the dryer is the perfect complement to show off a pretty look. You should know that you can also get it without these two electrical appliances. We tell you how in the video below. We hope you like it! If you like you can see also the latest haircuts for women.

In this article you will also learn how to roll your hair in a natural way, without heat. This way your hair will have a new healthy and shiny look without the need of break down to use irons, tongs, dryers, etc…we will present some different methods to roll your hair in a natural way, so Choose the one you like the most! Shorter hair also look cute with small waves.

She rolled the hair into a sock, and tied it at the top of his head. The next morning was wonderful!

Which of us does not dream to have a nice wavy hairstyle for long hair? At least once in life, all we have dreamed awake with a hairstyle that looks as if it was taken out of a royal court. Unfortunately, to get a good effect is not as easy as you can think.

Also for that reason, from time to time, it is worth to use some solutions, more alternatives: some of them can truly save your hair.

You’re going to need:

  • 6 socks
  • hairspray
  • bathing cap