A couple does not CUT THEIR HAIR FOR 30 YEARS. The transformation left everyone with the mouth open.

This couple is totally convinced that every past time was better. It was 1985 when Wendy and Tim STYLED the long hair to be the best style. The rocker style, but unlike other young people of that time that were changing the styling and cut, this pair remained firm.

Tim and Wendy with hair style 80s

Tim and Wendy with hair style 80s

Tim played in a rock band, and supported his dream of being a rockstar through his ‘mullet’, which is never cut off since 1985. Wendy did the same and his last cut was in 1992. They were both completely satisfied and relaxed with the idea of letting your hair grow without form.  Although they did seem several years older than they actually are.

Tim and Wendy before and after haircut trasformation

In the end, your friends and neighbors believed that the time had come to transform itself and asked for help to do this. The result was shocking and revealing, because his appearance was changed forever with their new short hairstyle. The ‘mullet’ of Tim disappeared, he was stunned to see how beautiful Wendy looked, and now wants to marry her again.

Here is the video of the amazing transformation.

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