7 hairstyles for women with long hair for fall.

As already mentioned, women you should use long hair. Especially for those who have an oval face and hairstyles are more favourable:

1 braid


Braids are currently fashionable, you can choose between French, tenoning, waterfall or traditional. All of them will look spectacular at any time. The braid is a great for long hair that can be used for both day and night.

2 wave


For those who have a long hair you can choose to have the waves with heat or no heat. Trendy done with color. Recommended media to give more volume to the hair. You can use homemade recipes to curl your hair with flax seeds or be flexible with curlers waves. Mostly it is recommended to make waves without heat to avoid damage to the hair.

3 high ponytail


High ponytail is another hairstyle for women with long hair. The favorite for the moments you have to convey security and elegance. A haircut fresh, fun for young people who can remove a trouble even unwashed hair. Is a great look for both day and night.

4 hair on the side


If you want to have a bold appearance you can take your hair sideways a little turmoil. Of equal it forms with loose hair also you can play with different hairstyles like braids and makes the topknot.

woman-hairstyles-for-long-hair-on-the-side-normal For example which takes the popular actress Jessica Alba looks spectacular with hair to the side with the volume.

You can use a fixative for styling curly hair to give a different touch to your hair and you can keep your hair shaped.

5 straight hair


Straight hair is also a great way to wear long hair. For example when making a drastic change for a special occasion, if you wear your hair normally with the waves. Straighten your hair with a strip in the Middle, if you don’t have bangs.

If you have dry hair can use natural recipes with essential oils like olive oil, coconut, castor oil or almond oil. Apply a little support to the tip, let stand and remove with water.

6 curly hair


Women who have curly hair and abundant are privileged, at present the volume of those Curly Manes is very fashionable, you simply must use treatments for curly hair and spray to shape it to better define natural hair wave.

long-hair-with-half-head-rasataDi equal shape with mane shaved also you can play and make different hairstyles half a tail. A good option if you have a wavy hairstyle looks like.

7 bangs

woman-hairstyles-for-long-hair-bangsWomen with oval face can opt to make a fringe in cases that you don’t want to cut my hair, but feel that you need a change. Can make the cut laterally or straight as is to your liking. With the completion of a fringe, we see that will give life to your hair and you will be able to make a significant change in the face without being too radical.