7 haircuts for women that make your look much younger and beautiful.
These are good news. The elixir of youth is not found in a bottle or in a capsule. There is no wait for a minimum of six weeks to take the effect of the anti-wrinkle cream. A good haircut for women can make a big difference between seeing ‘normal’ or look younger.

Here are some styles of cuts that are nothing complicated and options of hairstyles if you want to only style in a different way. We make sure to see the longer hairstyles for women and also short hairdos.

1. Bob

women with haircut bob


The king of the season is one of the haircuts more flattering to freshen your face. With the tips ending at the end of the neck, this cut works for most types of face. In addition, it is versatile because you can wear it straight, with natural waves or curly hair.

2. Pixie short hairstyle


women with pixie cut

This style of short hair too can represent a dramatic change for the girls who wear medium or long, but it is certainly a great option to give a total spin to your look with a relaxed style and practical. You don’t have to style it!

3. Smooth hairstyle


girl with straight hair

If your natural hair is straight, a style completely smooth helps to enhance your features, always and when you take it straight. It is better that you take it to the lenght of the shoulders to achieve a more stylized and modern look.

4. Layers

girl with cut layers

woman with tail down dishevelled

If you are looking for a look really relaxed and youthful, this is definitely the ideal cut. The layers provide movement and life to your hair and the volume on the cheekbones brings attention to the eyes.

5. Low bun longer haircut

woman with tail down dishevelled



If your hair has a medium length, this type of hairstyle shows an angle of the jaw, which is very flattering to the contour of the face and gives you a completely youthful and carefree.

6. Fringe

women hairstyle with bangs


The fringe is similar to the layers, because it also hides some imperfections, it gives a volume effect to the hairstyle and styling the contour of the face.

7. Waves


shoet hair with waves

A hair with soft waves can reverse the effect of the loss of facial volume that occurs with age, which makes the face look more rectangular. Hair styled this way softens the features angular and gives a softer effect for women and youth to the face.