SHORT hairstyles for women with short curly hair. Women of today do not put up with anything and more when it comes to having a unique appearance and outstanding look before the people. That is the reason they are looking for short haircuts for curls. A young girl of 21 years says, “I don’t know why, but when I have my hair with waves, then I would like to have it smooth and if I get tired of having it plain. I walk a few curls to give it a bit of variation to my looks.” If you are one of those women who also maintains this comment or you want to follow the same trend of the other girls of your age, but you don’t know how to get those hairstyles every week. Then you came to the correct article. You can see the different style and choose the one you like the most!

woman with curly hair

In this new article I will teach you how to get 6 short hairstyles with curls. I hope that you like it and if in the end you have a doubt, comment at the end of the article and I will respond as quick as I can. Remember that you can try out the hairstyles before with our barber.

1. Bob style – short hairstyle with curls

Despite the fact that a curly hair in reality is not seen often with a Bob style, the fact is that the curls look fantastic. It is for the haircut Bob a fantastic way to try it. And that’s why I recommend this short haircut. In reality it is a cut that is very beautiful.

2. Short hair cut with curls the Bob style Dark

The first cut is based on a blonde hair, but Who said that the Bob style just looks fantastic with the blonde? Appreciates the beauty of the color pure black added with a hair cut slightly short with curls and with the Bob style also. Very elegant, perfect and super attractive. This is the Cut Bob with Dark curls.

3. This short hairstyle with curls is called Pixie.

Very popular and well-known for being a hair cut extremely short. For many women, may not seem like a hair-cut Pixie. However, this is due to the curls or tight rollers that can be appreciated on a very dark color and black. It is a court with a look very common but it is one of my best. Isn’t it beautiful?
short hair dark with curls


4. Hair cut Pixie Rebel with curls thick and flattened

If you ever feel a little insecure about how to react to your curls with a hair cut pixie, then I recommend you opt for this hair cut Pixie with some curls stunning and very well-crafted. A round of applause for the creator of this hair cut.
blonde woman with hair curlers

5. Haircut Bob Asymmetrical

A name very rare for this haircut , but according to the creator, is based on the fact that most of the hair falls on one of the sides. Will it be true? We don’t know. What we do know is that it is a cut that is very beautiful. Really the curls are not seen much in this haircut. If we are a little more fussy with the view, we can appreciate that among all that dark hair, also are some rollers and possibly. The dark shades are in charge of giving that texture and density of color to the hair cut. You may judge yourselves.

6. Hair cut Bob semi normal

If you feel that your hair does not have the necessary volume to show you beautiful and radiant, try this haircut Bob with some curls and layers. I assure you that will make the day

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