2017 New Year’s party hairstyle for long hair. Perfect accessories for hair updos 2017
The New Year’s party is the perfect occasion to create different hairstyles depending on the style and taste of every woman. Whether you celebrate on the beach, at home, at a party or in a club, the hair should look spectacular so that the look is impeccable. To begin the 2017 to innovate, the accessories are perfect to accompany the hairstyles, such as turbans, crowns of flowers, tiaras, hats and ribbons, which give the look more impact.

Available in various colors, textures and finishes, the turbans have become very popular in the 2016, and are a good choice multi-purpose for those who wish to give a touch of style to your look for end of the year. This accessory can cover all your hair or it can leave some strands loose, you can even decorate long hairstyles like ponytails, collected, braids and the loose hair.

For those who want to have a lot of style, worth it to wear a turban to improve your look

Accessories for hairstyle

The favorite of several bloggers and fashion icons, like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, are the tapes with a loop, that also have been highlighted in the social networks, by be accessories that give more personality to any look. There are different ways to use them, either band or tiara. Therefore, it is an accessory 2 in 1 that you can leave the look with a style rocker or romantic.

The crown of flowers is an alternative simple and practical


The crown of flowers is one of the accessories preferred to create a look that’s hippie chic to spend New Year

A fitting classic to create a look that’s hippie chic is the crown of flowers, an ideal alternative to spend New Year’s at the beach or somewhere surrounded by nature. In addition to is ideal to complement the looks simple. The versatile strip of flowers can be used both with the wicks loose, as with braids style, messy or collected, to give it a modern twist, relaxed and romantic hairstyles.
The hat can complement the looks of the end of the year


The panama hat is a classic, that combined with the New Year festivities

In 2016, it was proven that the hat is not only can be used during the day to protect the wick, and the face of the sun. This accessory became the favorite of the fashionistas, especially the fedora style that can transform any look basic in one more powerful. Those who are going to spend New Year 2017 on the beach, you can rely on the classic panama hat, that looks very modern if it is complemented with brooches.
It is worth to use small accessories to get a single result

For those who want to innovate, flowers pins look romantic in the New Year hairstyle 2017

The brooches of small flowers throughout the hair function as points of light to decorate the loose hair, mainly when looking to innovate, but without spending too much. The trend of multiple pins of flowers placed on the length of the hair is one of the most popular social networks, especially for those who have the hair black and lank. The diversity is the key word to use the different accessories!