In this 2016, we are seeing more and more the trend of braids of hair, and what we love about braids is their versatility. Since it is not necessary to wait to have a formal event to wear braids. We can go from casual to more produced in terms of braids.

We leave this guide of braids for you to know the types that you can make with your long hair and the combinations you can create between one style and another. Below you will see the evolution of the braid as never before had seen.

You can also use some of it with short hairstyle.

1. Braid, basic French


This is one of the most basic, we remember it for being the one that is made up of three strips that are woven between each other toward the inside of the scalp, and of course that ever since we have been saved from any situation. Especially in cases in which we want to give you a feminine style to our hair, straight and loose. Additionaly you can pick the hair out of the face.

2. French braid style headband


Then we combine the French braid in different positions as one of the most adorable, that is the headband. If you have long hair and no bangs, is one of the best options to look loose hair without the stop giving the style up with this beautiful braid that gathers hair from your face and gives you a feeling of hairstyle neat.

3. Braid the inside-out or “Duchess”


This is another of the basic braid, consists of the same technique of braid like the French but it goes “backwards”, since the three strips in place of knitted inward, are drawn in a way that gives an impression three-dimensional braid.

Combining this style with hairstyles such as ponytails hair high to give more style to your hairstyles collected. This style is perfect for events in which you like to look put-together but with an air of sobriety.

4. Braid duchess in a ponytail


This braid is a combination between a French and an inverted. The difference is that you leave a little more space between each, so that at the end hales each crossing, so that the braid of a picture even more three-dimensional and bulky. You can create many combinations with this style, as the of the image which combines a half-tail with the braid and leaves hair straight and loose, which makes it look much more the entire braid.

5. Braid dairy or crowns


The braid “dairy” it seems very complicated but is really very easy, simply.  Do a French braid that starts preferably behind the ears and where it ends, while turning at the crown of your head, held in place with enough pins, after another one just like it on the other side until that is achieved “close” this braid.

6. Braid spike


Now that you have mastered the basic technic of braids, you’re ready to move to the next level, which would be an intermediate with this braid spike. It is very similar to the braid from the inside out, but the only difference is that in this style jacks tufts much smaller and thinner, and even if you spend a little more on the end of the braid, once you master them you’ll be able to combine it with more hairstyles.

7. Crown braid spike


Here is where you combine the technique of braid dowel with a braid milkmaid, for this time you should already mastered super good braid spike, because here you’ll have to go by turning the braid on the crown on your head, and when finished, we return to hold everything with lots of pins to the hair.

8. Braid waterfall


Braid cascade is one of the easiest ways to loose to make a braid. This is why it is practically to do a French braid but without taking the third strand with the making of the braid, that party, leave it to one side and continue knitting taking another section of hair again from below and preferably is a little hidden.

9. Braid siren

Here is where we begin to go to styles more advanced , as it requires a lot of practice with both hands. It consists more or less in the combination to make a braid of waterfall but you go by weaving it above the hair loose and intact. Once you achieve the effect of the basic braid mermaid you’ll be able to combine it with other styles such as spike, as well as that of the girl in the picture.braid-straight-with-curls-wavy-loose-long-hair

10. Braid ladder


This braid also looks quite complicated, but it really is not that much, because as you have mastered the style of braid waterfall, you’ll be able to realize that at the end of that braid. You can do another level down by weaving in the same braid of waterfall but with the strips, which leaves to hang up first.

11. Braid spiral carousel


For a start, this braid only it will be nice looking for that it is more similar to a horse’s tail. Whether it be in a high ponytail or loose low (as the image), the important thing is that always go by turning the technique of a French braid. You will go leaving more and more space as you go, turning and running down the braid until you reach the ends of your hair.

12. Braid 5 strands


This already is the most professional, or at least the way it looks, and if you already practiced enough by many French braids (3 strands) when you start to do braids of 5 strands you will notice that it is practically the same thing. You just have to concentrate enough so that you don’t go even a single strand of hair, if not it will look uneven, and the synchronization is just what gives it such elegance to the hairstyle.

This hairstyle obviously only will the girls with long hair and very long, as by the number of turns that give these strands to the weave, it is a braid a lot more fat and short.

13. Braid snake


This bride will serve only in cases in which you need a small braid to decorate your loose hair, because you can’t do this style of braids too big. That will be by that when you do a braid normal of 3 strands, you end up stretching the the one that it is in the middle of the other two at the end of the braid. At the end only to sit nice with a few pins, but it will be much more decorative than “styling” to yes.

14. Double braid pick-up


Make two braids low from where it ends to the back of your ears, remember to make them big and fat, when you finish both braids from each side together in the part of your neck with enough pins so they don’t undo any of the braids. This style is quite conservative, but also sophisticated, as you can use it day and night for formal occasions or if you’re looking for something more casual. Do the same procedure but in the end dishevel a little with a comb, pulling out a thin of hair, this will be very boho.

15. Interspersed in the hair

braid side between tail of horse

This final is one of the favorites, because as you start to play much more with the braid. Just do a French braid from the side that ends in your neck, then make a ponytail of the horse and to what on the pigtail is still doing the last braid, to give the effect that both braids are a single.

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