Short haircuts trends for ladies change every year, and even though we do not always find new trends, but that some are repeated year after year.  It is true that we must know them in order to be always in fashion and be able to find the section that  will be the best with us.
the hair cuts

This year 2016 will continue seeing to cut type Bob. Asymmetrical paraded and influence the grunge look style EMO will be ones that will be more trendy. We bring you ideas, photos, and videos on haircuts for woman 2016.

With the arrival of autumn 2016 you may want to change hairstyle and at this time of the year that most favors is a short hair. There are many styles of short hairstyles: Rock, punk, radical cuts, bob… See more of short hairstyles for women

At this time if you are a girl with little time and want a change of look. A very flattering and fashionable and dare to wear are the short haircuts.

As we have said, the ultimate trend this year are more radical and modern cuts. Meaning we are cutting hair. Punk or shaved but without forgetting the pixie hair.

If you want a youthful look, the pixie cut is perfect. Favors more when in the nape of the neck and the sides have very short hair and also short front. Although the front can take many forms, like cutting the rest or with a long, asymmetrical bangs from side. Both forms are very well liked for this season.


If you are not so daring to carry a pixie haircut for woman, but you like that kind of hairstyle, you can opt for a cut that never goes out of fashion.

But if you want to be trend also you can have to think that you should shave your head. The punk cutting in which you’ll have to shave you the sides of the head . The part up to let it to be more long. And if you want to give a different and personal touch, you can dye your top of the head in another tone.
In the gallery below you can see more photos of different short hair styles to give you an idea.

And if you are wavering from long to short look this amazing hairstyles for long hair for ladies autumn and winter.