Modern Ideas for Short hairdos and haircuts trends for women winter 2017

The short hairstyle the symbol of the revolt, short haircuts has had a long history, to finally find his place in the halls of hairstyles for women. A woman with long hair and well-maintained is always beautiful and feminine. A woman with short hair or very short had always made an impression!

Have a latest short haircut or wear glasses all our a look at our face. Some say that this type of cut is not very feminine, but we not agree with them … The proof in the images


Woman shortcuts idea modern trend


In the first place, you can choose your haircut, depending on the type of hair. Do you have curly hair or smooth? Are thick or thin? Do you want to make a colouring trend? Shape of the face is also essential for this selection. Once you have answered these questions, you can choose the right cut for your face and your style.
A woman with curly short hair inspired by the famous Pixie short cuts woman in 2017, the ideas of trend, curly hair.
If you are not sure and do not feel like cutting the hair at the same time, so they opt for a hair semi-short or square. This is a good step to finally make the final decision: I cut my hair shorter or not?

Women semi-abstract short hairdo: 


This shortcut goes to almost any type of face. However, we suggest that you consult your beautician or try online platforms to see how a type of cut to go with the shape of your face

short hairstyles and modern coloration


Some of the hairstyles that is perfect for the more serious and masculine face .

Short haircuts with glasses


Short hair says often require less care. It is true that he was going to spend less time washing and brushing, but that does not mean to be less careful! Remember to always use products and natural oils to have beautiful hair and healthy.

The shorter shortcut for woman thin with gray hair


The cut of bowl, appeared for the first time in the Middle Ages. This hairstyle is very simple. The hair is cut in a fringe straight in the front and the same length around the head. In France, this type of cut is associated with Joan of Arc, and therefore often is called “The cup of Joan of Arc”

Cup bowl:

a trend timeless for women and men short haircut trends


Ideas modern trend shortcut for women’s fashionable and cute woman’s truncated.

Who said that the shortcut can’t be sexy? Look that is beautiful and feminine French actress seydoux, with her semi-short hair:


This shortcut was very fashionable in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This is Audrey Hepburn, who for the first time, to introduce and prove that a woman with short hair is always feminine. In the hippie years, women cut their hair short, while men are allowed to grow long hair.


Very cute ideal for wavy hair

Coloring your hair allows you to easily switch the head and with sufficient speed. In 2016, we saw the emergence of a new trend: the discoloration. Aesthetically interesting, it is unfortunately quite aggressive to the hair. Stain or discolor the hair, our advice is to always seek professional help.

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